Info & Care

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Choosing your heykiddostudio sign

To choose your sign, simply head to the SHOP & browse our collections.

Adding a heart (unattached) or star to your order 

When you are purchasing any other sign
you can add a heart or star to your order at a reduced cost 
(half the price of buying the heart or star alone).

Do this by selecting the ‘add-on’ variant under the shop page or by clicking below:

Add-on Heart.

Add-on Star.

Attaching a heart to any word or name

Unlike the add-on heart, this option is for those of you who would like to attach a heart at the end of your word.

For this option, simply select the colour you wish the attached heart to be & enter which word of your order you’d like it to be attached to.

This option can also be found under the shop page or by clicking below:

Attached Heart.

Caring for your sign

All our products are made with love & wrapped in 100% cotton (vegan friendly),
the cotton is delicate so please make sure you handle it with care & don’t let it snag on anything!

All our packaging is 100% recyclable & reusable.

Sometimes during transit, the wire can pop out of the cord or a thread might come loose.
If this happens, don’t panic, simply slide the cord gently from the middle outwards, back over the ends of the wire
& carefully snip any loose yarn, making sure you only cut the loose end & no more.

You can hang your sign up on small nails, a peg rail or prop it on a shelf.
Please do not use glue or sticky tape to hang your sign with as this will damage the cotton.

heykiddostudio products are not toys & must be kept out of reach of children.