VIP Kiddo Eyes Only


exclusive VIP Kiddo first chance to get the new colours & the wacky options which won’t be available again.

Treat this the same as the custom listing but feel free to order heykiddostudio bestsellers such as ‘hey’, ‘hello’ etc.

Please Note:

The turnaround time is now up to 2 weeks.

Please bear this in mind when ordering.

Enter custom word,  phrase, or a Name below & choose how many letters you need in the drop down menu.

Note*: special characters are currently not accepted except for a hyphen ‘-‘.

Approx. Dimensions:
Each letter is approximately 7 x 7 cm with hanging hoops and high letters/capitals ranging between 11- 13cm tall.
This is a rough guide and can differ depending on your chosen word.


Design your own custom name or word sign

Choose the number of letters you need, then type the name, word or phrase you would like in the box.

Please note when choosing words for a phrase, they must make sense together in a phrase such as ‘love you’ or ‘sweet dreams’ – separate words or names must be ordered separately. I don’t currently offer custom symbols or shapes. No ‘&’ signs please.

Please double check that you select the correct number of letters – if you choose & pay for the wrong number of letters your order won’t be valid & I will send you a refund.*

* I can deny any custom request if I feel it doesn’t reflect my brand or is in any way insulting to anyone – If this is ever the case you can expect a full refund. I will also get in touch with you to discuss further if I can’t make your chosen word for any other reason.

Please Note:

The turnaround time is now up to 2 weeks.

Please bear this in mind when ordering.

heykiddostudio signs can be hung up on your nursery wall or simply propped up on a shelf, or on top of a frame or mirror. The knitted cotton yarn comes in a variety of modern colours to suit any style or theme in your kid’s room. Please select your custom colour from the variations available.

This product is not a toy & should be kept out of reach of children.

Each one is made by hand so may differ slightly from the photo. The Colour may vary slightly too depending on the batch of cotton yarn we use.

made from:

100% cotton yarn, steel wire, plastic free packaging, fully recyclable packaging

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